The Battle Over LHH's Admissions Policy
and Its Associated “Flow Project”

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The LHH admissions policy has been the subject of an intense debate since March 2004. The debate centers on which San Franciscans will be elligble to gain admittance to LHH.  The admissions policy battle is central to the changing mission of Laguna Honda, as the two issues are inextricably related.



Analysis of Financial Impact of Transferring SFGH Patients to LHH
The Department of Public Health’s Chief Financial Officer, Greg Sass, asserts the “Flow Project” will save San Francisco General Hospital $1.7 million by expediting transfers of SFGH patients to LHH.  Sass’ analysis is based on flawed logic.  Commentary to follow.

Analysis of Changes to LHH Admissions Policy
An analysis of the five separate admissions policy that were posted to the LHH intranet during 2004 following Dr. Katz’s unilateral change to the LHH admission policy giving patients at SFGH first priority for admission to LHH.

Citizen Taxpayer Lawsuit
to Stop Unsafe LHH Admissions Policy
The lawsuit filed to stop the unilateral admission policy changes Dr. Katz implemented in March 2004.

Transcript of
June 24, 2004
Board of Supervisors’
City Services Committee Hearing on LHH Admissions Policy
The verbatim tanscript of the June 24 City Services Committee hearing in which former Supervisor Tony Hall called into question Dr. Katz’s decision-making capabilities. As late as February 2005, no follow-up hearing to the June 24 hearing has been scheduled, despite Mr. Hall’s request that a follow-up hearing be conducted expeditiously.


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