Media Coverage of LHH Controversies

This page provides links to various media coverage about the controversies surrounding the LHH rebuild project, the change in mission and admissions policies at Laguna Honda Hospital, and other issues facing LHH.  
[Note: This page is being reconstructed, although slowly, from published media reports; check back frequently for updates.]

Altercations at Laguna Honda

More violent patients are going to Laguna Honda  
by Matier & Ross, San Francisco Chronicle, June 7, 2004.
A 25-year-old male LHH resident suspected of being a gang member was arrested and found to have two bags of marijuana following an assault on a 50-year-old disabled LHH resident.  Laguna Honda’s chief of staff had previously written to Mitch Katz, Director of Public Health, on April 7 expressing strong objections to the pressures Dr. Katz had applied to the LHH medical staff to admit or readmit dangerous patients, creating “undue hazards for all Laguna Honda patients.”

Possible security upgrades after alleged attack at hospital  
by Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, July 16, 2004.
An alleged sexual attack on a 37-year-old woman with multiple sclerosis has raised concerns about whether security at Laguna Honda Hospital is adequate.
[Update: As of May 21, 2005, additional security at LHH has not been implemented; although the Department of Public Health has requested additional funding for security personnel in its FY ’05–’06 budget submission to the Mayor, it will likely be September or October 2005 before additional security positions are filled, nearly 15 months after assault of this patient.]

Admissions Policy

Health activist sues Laguna Honda over new admissions policy  
by Charlie Goodyear, Chronicle Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, July 23, 2004.
San Francisco public health activist Michael Lyon filed two lawsuits against the City hoping to stop a new admissions policy at Laguna Honda Hospital that gave priority to San Francisco General Hospital.

Louise Renne

The High Life: Breathing in sleaziness at the rarefied and urbane levels of San Francisco political life  
by Matt Smith, Columnist, SF Weekly, December 22, 2004.
In an interesting article about a meeting he had with Louise Renne, former City Attorney, current President of the Board of Directors for the LHH Foundation, a current Police Commissioner appointed by Mayor Newsom, and the former head of Newsom’s transition team, Matt Smith wrote: “… The list grew longer last week, as state auditors revealed scandal-plagued Secretary of State Kevin Shelley improperly diverted $220,000 in federal voting act funds to Renne’s firm, which [law firm] includes as a principal Jon Holtzman, the treasurer of Shelley’s political campaign ...”.
[Note:  The LHH Foundation’s mission was to raise $40 million for furniture, fixture, and equipment (FFE) for the LHH replacement facility.  On May 20, 2005, Susan Cook Hoganson, Executive Director of the LHH Foundation wrote in response to a public records request:  “As of today, the operations of the Laguna Honda Foundation have been suspended.”]

Laguna Honda Rebuild

$100 million turns up, debate ensues Laguna Honda work might benefit -- but mayor isn’t sure  
by Charlie Goodyear, Chronicle Staff Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, May 20, 2005.
Mayor Newsom’s announcement of City Controller Harrington’s report released on May 19 that additional tobacco settlement funds may be available available for the rebuild of the Laguna Honda hospital.


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